18 October 2013

It was Fish'n'Chip Friday and I had Rainbow Chard to harvest

A photo had popped up on Jamie Oliver's Facebook account of delicious looking Italian style greens (Ricetta tipica per verdure verdi), just as the "Silverbeet/Rainbow Chard" mix in my vegie patch was starting to mature.

I decided to give the olive oil & acid treatment to it for my usual "bring vegies" duties for Friday night dinner at my sis and bro-in-lo's:

They are fantastically good-looking vegies!

I split the stems from the leaves as they would take more time to cook.

Aren't the colours appealing?

Then tossed in a wok (stems first, then leaves) with olive oil and lemon plus a little splash of balsamic for some sweetness (but no garlic as sis don't like it). Heavenly!

(I did make a second version for my parents the other day when they came over to help me demolish a ginormous frittata I'd baked to use up the dozen eggs rattling around the back of the fridge that I'd forgotten about. Instead of chopping into such fine pieces I just had half-lengths of stems and far bigger leaf pieces which was somehow tastier. I must report that this dish definitely tastes more nommy with garlic! Yay for two-second dishes!)


  1. I likey. So envious that you have your own swiss chard/vegetables; I am struggling to grow kale and herbs in a little window box but they're suffering. Hm, no medical terminology in this post. That's... good. I forgot to write in the last post that my mother also taught me the 'first knuckle' rice technique. Works every time!

  2. I think sun is always the rate-limiting factor. Do you have a sunnier spot you can move them to?

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