04 July 2014

Notes in the key of duck...

Apologies, viewers, for the very long interruption to your foodporn viewing.

You'll be pleased to know I have been marinating ideas to blog about in my brain and I've also been marinating, as well as actually cooking, in the kitchen. As you know I luv a duck, but I'm concerned I may be turning into a one-hit wonder with my glass noodle salad. Here's a view of the devious plans I've been hatching and scheming in relation to duck. Mwahahahaha...

Duck Red Curry

If you've ever lived in Alice Springs, you'll know how great the local market garden and Vietnamese restaurant out by the airport is for a lifetime of happy memories. Tinh & Lan's is to blame for my weird duck curry addiction. Sadly, I've never had the dish live up to their high standards, so I've decided to experiment in the coming months to find the perfect do-at-home version. Hope you get to go there one day. Just don't miss the turn!

Some ideas:
Margaret Fulton, by way of SBS Food.

Luv-a-Duck's take on how to curry their fabulous Peking Duck product is probably reliable. If you're ever in Port Melbourne, swing by and say hi for me. Duckalicious warehouse of awesomeness makes me think of "Daemon and the Duckolate Factory". I may have burst into song last time I was there.

taste.com.au have a lovely looking version too.

Duck as the protein topping on soup noodles

I usually only have ham if I'm down to soup noodles at home but this looks nice, thanks SBS.

Braised Duck with Long Pasta

You know my love of Ragu/Ragout/Ragoo with Roo and long fat pasta - so this Pappardelle Duck recipe looks soo appealing.

This looks great too, love a good braise and slather...

I hope winter lasts long enough to get through all these hearty ducky ideas!

(I do have one more idea but I can't seem to find any decent recipes online for this, it must be too traditional. You know that delicious course you get at a full Peking duck banquet, where they use the lower layers of meat in a fine dice to serve either as dry fried rice, on white deep fried "polystyrene" noodles or in sang choi bau (or all or both or a combo)? Does anyone have any ideas on this one? I might have to ask my parents for their opinion too! Old skool!)

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