31 March 2010

Celeriac: Funny name, crazy hairstyle. Kind of like me!

**backdated post

I first received my education in the joys of celeriac eating celeriac remoulade out at restaurants. Heaven. The firm, crispy texture and crunch, the elegant way the strands swirl around when they are plated and the taste, oh the taste of fresh! In my research I have found a couple of great recipes on taste.com.au and even the Rockpool website.

I've also found that it gives mash a lift and an interest, making roast dinners even more delectable - especially if you boil it with some milk added to the water (a tip I remember from television cooking shows but I cannot for the life of me remember which one - perhaps Ready Steady Cook but don't quote me). It took a bit of trial and error but for a small-medium saucepan of water with one celeriac as pictured (with the green hair and skin sliced off) and 1:1 potato, I add 1/4-1/2 a cup of milk to the water, prior to the milk you might normally add to a simple potato mash. Divine! Not that it's particularly obvious from a photograph... but trust me, give it a try with your next lamb (or any other) roast dinner and thank me later...

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