13 October 2010

Leftover duck and glass noodle salad

{A retrospective post from October 2010}

qwack qwack

I had some leftover "Siew nyap" or Chinese roast duck from the local BBQ house.

Decided to make a random glass noodle salad to noms it with - green beans, cucumber, lime juice, soy, chilli (too much!), garlic, ginger and a sprinkle of sugar. Basically, just shredded the duck meat, skin on whilst setting the glass noodles in a large dish of cold water to soak, cut the vegies on a sharp angle, then mixed the whole lot together. A gentle nuke in the microwave just to warm it through and hey presto! classy leftovers to snack on, or refridgerate to bring to work where it can be gently nuked and you can feel smug about a bit of comfort on your break...

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