04 September 2013

Learning the classics

These last few months I have been focusing on teaching myself (or reworking) what I believe to be classic dishes to add to my repertoire.
Hokkien Mee got a trial by fire a few weeks ago, I recently made Celeriac Remoulade for the first time and last night I used a left over ham hock in the freezer (from my previous Choucroute Alsacienne) to create a version of Pea & Ham (Lentil, Ham Hock & Tuscan Kale) Soup, which I had never attempted before - more on that later.

Having said that, my staples have been getting a work out too with a nice big lamb roast or two in the last few weeks of winter.

I stumbled across this "10 Recipes Everyone Should Master" article today. I'm not 100% sure I agree that these are the absolute top ten classics, but I will definitely have a go at that chocolate pudding!

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