30 May 2013


I was so angry when I first moved here, the previous owner (or was it the estate agent?) had basically thrown a packet'o'mixed seeds all over the garden beds so it looked a bit like a Jackson Pollack flower spew! I got a gardener in to help me rip out everything except the big lemon tree, the bottle brush tree and the hibiscus tree in the front yard, and I started again with a country cottage style garden - I've planted marigolds and mint in a pretty row along the driveway; some pizza thyme by the letterbox; a row of standard iceberg roses and tuscan rosemary along the footpath; some lavender, heirloom sage, native lillies and watercress in the front garden bed; and two bay trees in formal pots by the front windows. Everything is edible, except for a port wine magnolia which I wanted for the fragrance near the front door. However, in the meantime, the entire front garden bed has filled up with a sea of nasturtium plants, popping out all over the place as if to say "hey! we're edible too, you know!". I've been tasting the leaves - MAN they are peppery. You know I love the peppery taste of raw watercress, but the nasturtium leaves sure pack a punch - I've had tears in my eyes with the last few nibbles! So I'm on the hunt for nasturtium recipes - in particular I think I will try substituting them in place of watercress in stir-fries, but here are a couple of recipes I wanted to keep here as links to remind me to try them later:

We're eating flowers

Herb and nasturtium biscuits

Thai Rice Salad with Nasturtium

Please let me know if you have any further ideas or recipes that you've tested!


  1. I know nasturtiums are edible, and have possibly eaten some at a restaurant, but never cooked with them at home. I'll be interested to see how you go.

  2. I used to put the flowers in salads when I had a nasturtium plant at my old house. Very pretty and only mildly peppery. I've never eaten the leaves though (I spied your stir fry recipe above, looks great!). So jealous of your gorgeous productive garden. In our tiny apartment I've placed a few window boxes outside - currently growing an assortment of herbs, kale and strawberries. I've ordered some heirloom tomato seeds online from The Digger's Club too. I'm dying for a garden bed though!! x