06 October 2012

Inspiration of the day - Rick Stein and the Spanish Ringo Star

Thanks ABC for airing Rick Stein's Spain - just caught up on Episode 3 over on iView (sorry non-Aussies you might not be able to view it).

I'm finally settling in to my new place in my old city, now single once more, and I am warming up to the idea of some more experimental cooking. I find at a time like this, when I'm still trying to find my feet, and my centre, I do tend to stick to tried and tested "experecipes" and comfort food. Now that I'm a bit more sorted, the urge to set fire to things, erm, and make tasty new dishes is coming back slowly but surely.

Tonight I had a simple home-made sukiyaki dish, which is one of my top ten "go to" dinners (but more about that later). As I nommed and slurped and watched Rick Stein's iView Ep, his conversation with Antonio, the lovely "Spanish Ringo Star" (a man who used to be in Spain's equivalent of The Beatles) about how he used to be a drummer, but now he cooks pretty much summed it up for me:

"Why do you cook?"

"It’s a mystery… passion… I mean, cooking is an artistic thing, I cannot paint a nice picture but I can do something here full of colour, but not only colour… smell... taste... everything! Everybody must do that. Why not?"

Ah, cooking. So universal, so beautiful and always something to learn from so many different people! Bring it on!

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